Room Rates

Our room rates vary from season to season, month to month, and even week to week based on the demand for rooms during weekends, public holidays, or by season etc… If you know your travel dates we can give you a clear room rate quotation. Either contact us directly – see our Contact Us page – or use our on-line booking form.

Our regular / return visitors are eligible for a loyalty discount, which is applicable from their second visit with us. We occasionally release rooms at a discounted rate for day-before booking of one-night stays.

The table below is provided for illustrative purposes, and details our current rack rates:

Room Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Riverside 1 2,850,000 VND 3,080,000 VND
Riverside 2 2,400,000 VND 2,640,000 VND
Riverside 3 2,180,000 VND 2,420,000 VND
Garden View 4 1,950,000 VND 2,180,000 VND
River View 5 2,180,000 VND 2,420,000 VND
River View 6 2,180,000 VND 2,420,000 VND
Garden Room 7 2,420,000 VND 2,660,000 VND
Garden Room 8 2,180,000 VND 2,420,000 VND

(Prices not including VAT at 10%)