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Postcards: 18 Duong 6, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam
Phone: (+84) 28 37443555
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Directions for Taxis

We’re easy to find, but if there’s any issue, show this to your driver:

In Vietnamese: Vừa qua khỏi cầu Sài Gòn rẽ phải vòng xuống chân cầu qua hướng Thảo Điền, gặp Thảo Điền Pearl đi thẳng Đường Song Hành gặp Đường Thảo Điền rẽ trái vào Đường Thảo Điền 100m có ngã ba rẽ phải vào đường Trần Ngọc Diện. Chạy thẳng khoảng 500m nhìn bên trái là đường Số 6, rẽ vào quẹo phải chạy thẳng cuối đường.

In English: Coming from town / the airport / etc. Turn right immediately after the Saigon bridge, and follow the curved road back under the bridge to Thao Dien. Cross the first junction and drive alongside the overhead metro line that’s currently under construction. After 1 kilometer, take a left hand turn at the traffic lights onto Thao Dien Road. After 100m, take the right hand turn onto Tran Ngoc Dien Street. after about 500m, take the small left-hand turn into lane 6, following it round to the right after about 50m, and then straight all the way to the end. You’ll be looking at our gate.

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