Our Neighbourhood

We’re in Thao Dien

Towering developments piercing the once low-key skyline that was but ten years ago fields and two-storey villas. Yes, it’s changed and growing quickly, but Thao Dien has developed it’s own unique character. AmFresh Spring Rollsong the villa’d streets and leafy little town-house lanes are fancy restaurants, boutique shops, bars, yoga centers, art galleries, Vietnamese market traders, and simple, but great street-food stalls. It’s one of the quieter neighbourhoods of the city, the most favored by Saigon’s global expatriate community, and accordingly every food flavor in the world (and from budget to extreme) can be found here too.

At River Cottage we can lend you a bicycle to explore the neighbourhood, and we can always give pointers to whatever you might be looking for within the little village-like neighbourhood that is Thao Dien.

Saigon’s City Center

A short $5-8 dollar, 15-minute taxi-ride away and you’re right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Vietnam’s largest and most exciting city. Whilst it’s the fast-paced chaos that Saigon’s perhaps most famous for, that is enjoyed even more-so when one can dip in and out – even escape from time to time.



Beautiful Vietnam From the Sky